Faux Fake Fur Fabric (Long Pile)

When you are looking for a fabric that you can use to make a special look, you will want to try the Faux/Fake Fur Fabric (Long Pile). It comes in all kinds of colors, and it is priced at $28.99 per yard. Remember you can still use our September coupon code for an even lower price!

This fabric is great for pillows and furniture coverings. You can really make add texture to any room with faux fur. It is also excellent for bed coverings. If you decide to make a coat out of this fabric, make sure that you line it for added softening. Buttons make a good closure for a coat with this fabric. You can even get creative with your buttons to add more character to your one-of-a-kind pieces!

Be sure that you follow the instructions that will be listed when you purchase the fabric. After you work so long on the items that you make with the fabric, you want them to stay nice looking. Share your #OOTD #outfitoftheday with us on Instagram @BigZFabric.

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