A Coat of Many Colors

The animal kingdom is a riot of color, and humans have always been looking for a way to wear those colors themselves. Weighing in at a little over two and a half pounds a yard, this acrylic faux fur is 64″ inches across and sells at $18.99 a yard. But if you buy more than fifteen yards, you can get it down to $16.90, and when you double that, it becomes only $13.25 a yard. Buying in bulk becomes your friend, especially if you have a bunch of projects you want it for.

This dense pelt has a thickness of roughly one inch, making it ideal for pillows and warm blankets, either for your bed or the furniture. A vest made of fur makes an interesting fashion statement, or you can continue on, making a fur coat, shirt, or a pair of pants. Use it to add a bit of color to your accessories with fur trimming on your purse or your boots. Make arm and leg warmers, or stitch a long strip to itself and make a scarf out of it. With eleven distinct colors to choose from, there is likely one that will suit a project for you.

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Short Shag Faux Fur Fabric

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