A Little Wild, but Definitely Beautiful

faux fur fabric little wild image

Have you ever taken a close look at wolf fur? Have you had the chance to admire the way the browns, beiges, and blacks blend into a beautifully subtle pattern? Maybe not, since wolves aren’t often available to view up close. But Faux Fake Fur Animal Short Pile Coat Costume Fabric in Eurasian Wolf perfectly captures the elements of wolf fur and places them on fabric. With short pile fur at a length of 2 ½”, this fabric is versatile and simple to work with. Some project ideas include coats, vests, scarves, and home décor. For something a little different, try creating a throw blanket with this fabric!

Faux Fake Fur Animal Short Pile Coat Costume Fabric / Eurasian Wolf comes in a width of 58/60 inches. It won’t stretch, so it is a good choice for sturdier projects. It is made of 80% acrylic and 20% polyester. You can buy this fabric for $30.99 per yard, and samples are available as well for just $1. That way you can take a close look at this authentic wolf-fur-inspired fabric before you commit. Why not bring something a little wild and unquestionably beautiful to your next project?


faux fur fabric little wild image

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