A Spiky-Looking Scarf For Your Winter Wardrobe!

With winter just about here, you may be on the search for awesome-looking winter accessories to spice up your coats and jackets. A great way to do that is with a unique, colorful, and unusual scarf. That’s where Faux Fake Fur 2 Tone Spiked Shaggy Long Pile Fabric comes in. This fabric has a cool, spiky look because the background color is interspersed with tufts of a second color. This creates an impressive spiky look that is sure to draw attention and give your winter outfits an upgrade. The fabric is also warm, so not only will you be wearing an amazing scarf, but a functional one as well.

This 2 tone faux fur comes in 6 color combinations, including Black/White, White/Red, and Turqouise/Lime. For a less extreme look, you might prefer Light Mocha/Brown. No matter what you choose, your scarf will impress! Available for $27.99 per yard, you can also request a $1 sample if you prefer. This fabric has 1.5 inch pile and does not stretch. Why not go ahead and create that custom scarf?

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spike shaggy faux fur

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