A Touch Of Rainbow

Color catches the eye and makes a statement, so more color obviously makes an even bigger statement. With more than seven colorations, this faux fur stretches sixty inches across to give you plenty of working room for even your biggest projects. The price tag ranges between $29.99 and $33.99, remarkably cheap for the durability.

The depth of the fur is nearly two inches and it’s easy to take care of, but it does shed somewhat so it can snarl up sewing machines. This fabric would work amazing for rave costumes and a scarf-coat set, all of which would be incredibly warm, or you could make it into a soft blanket or couch throw. For double the warmth, make the throw and reupholster your couch with it.

It doesn’t have to be just your couch.

A wall tapestry with this pattern could definitely invite questions from guests, or if you miss the olden days and seek to recreate them, you could redo the interior of a van with this. To reduce the risk of having to throw away scraps, there’s nothing wrong with turning this into stuffed toys like home-made teddy-bears, or making car charms to gift to friends and family.

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tribal multi color faux fur


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