Calling The Wild

Faux fur lasts longer than real fur since synthetic fibers don’t deteriorate as quickly as a natural pelt, though it still provides the realistic look and feel. This fabric is designed to mimic mountain wolves in color, with fur a thick two inches and a width roughly 58 to 60 inches across. Every yard sells at $30.99 and is easy to take care of, whether it’s being made into a comfortable fur coat or being attached as a fashion accessory to something you wear all the time.

Arguably this material might have certain limited uses, since it might be too thick to use for a baby’s regular sleeping blanket, but for the most part the only restriction is actually creativity. Fur-lined boots or even full costumes, for special occasions and casual attire both. Add it to furniture with a bit of dedication and put your faux fur blanket on your faux fur couch. Go full out and stretch it over your wall, or back with a waterproof material and build a conical tent for summer in the yard.

If you run into a problem with scraps from your projects, you can build some keyrings to save waste and gift money.

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wolf short pile faux fur

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