Cheshire Cat Fur Tail For Halloween Costume

Cheshire Cat Fur Tail For Halloween Costume
Cheshire Cat Fur Tail For Halloween Costume
Cheshire Cat Fur Tail For Halloween Costume

The Cheshire Cat was made popular from the beloved and timeless movie Disney’s Alice in Wonderland. This lovable cat stole the hearts of many and continues to do so to this day. The Cheshire Cat is a popular unisex Halloween costume for both young and old. Young children adore this playful cat and often dress up with matching ears and tail. The Cheshire Cat costume has also become popular among women with a sexier take on this classic favorite. Women often pair ears, tail, leg warmers, and a sexy matching dress made with the same fabric. You can make your own Cheshire Cat costume with your own unique touches. Big Z Fabric has a faux fur two tone color fabric perfect for making your very own Cheshire Cat costume. The quality of this fur fabric is exceptional and incomparable to those sold on the market. At only $27.99 per yard, you can make a costume on a budget all while looking like you spent a ton of money.

Big Striped Fake Fur Fabric Measurement
Big Striped Fake Fur Fabric

Trick or treating and Halloween parties are upon us, so make sure you are dressed to impress. The Cheshire Cat costume is perfect for a day of fun. The fluffy Cheshire Cat tail can easily be made with a few inches of fabric and the addition of a tie or clip in order to attach on the back of your costume. The ears can be made by hot gluing the matching fabric to a headband to create cat ears. To give your Cheshire Cat the complete look make matching fluffy leg warmers and a dress. You will have people turning heads and flooding you with a stream of compliments. You never know, you may also win the prize at your Halloween costume for the best costume! This costume idea is perfect for crafters and dress makers alike and can be sold effortlessly for a great profit just in time for all the Halloween festivities.

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