Cosplay Lovers, This Is For You!

If you are a cosplay fan, you will love what our customers have done with this fabric! They used the colors White, Turquoise, and Pewter to create their own fur suits. These costumes are impressively well-designed and are stunning to look at. Faux Fake Fur Solid Shaggy Long Pile Fabric gives an exceptionally fluffy look that perfectly fits these unique creations. They are sure to inspire you to create something as well!

This fabric comes in over 15 vibrant colors, so you’ll be able to create any combination you need. This faux fur has a pile length of 1.5 inches and a width of 60 inches. It is made of acrylic and features an improved backing that is more durable than ever, ensuring your project lasts! Faux Fake Fur Solid Shaggy Long Pile Fabric is available for $18.99 per yard, and samples are available for $1. Let your cosplay creations come to life with this fabric!

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turquoise faux fur

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