Durable Fur From the Rainbow

Measuring at 64 inches across and made of acrylic, this exceptionally soft and durable fabric has enhanced backing for durability and sells for $18.99 a yard when fourteen or less yards are bought together. You can buy every yard for $16.90 if you buy fifteen or more, and every yard contained in a purchase of thirty or more is 31% cheaper, down to $13.25. If you have a lot of projects that need warm pelts, buying in bulk will save you both time and money. With eleven different colors to choose from, it’s likely they’re going to have something for you.

Fake fur requires less care and doesn’t shed like real fur, it does still shed, so give yourself extra space on the edges for projects with a lot of pieces such as fur coats, boots, and bags. Couch throws and bedding may be easier to make and stress your machines less.

This material has no stretch in any direction, so where you sew is where you’re going to hold. It may need something extra if used for upholstery. When you’re all done, dig your fingers into a pelt an inch thick and simply enjoy your work for the day.

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