Exotic Lynx!

For a realistic, animal-inspired faux fur fabric, we have the ideal choice. Faux Fake Fur Animal Short Pile Coat Costume Fabric / Lynx Cat gives you the exotic look without the environmental impact. This fabric’s two-tone fur gives it a realistic, cuddly look, as brown strands stand out from a lighter background. The pile length is 3″, a nice all-purpose length ideal for fur trim as well as vests. A handbag made of this beautiful faux fur would also be a good choice, as would a throw blanket to add a sophisticated look to your home.

Faux Fake Fur Animal Short Pile Fabric/Lynx Cat comes in a width of 58 inches. It is made of synthetic product and will not stretch. Available by the yard, this faux fur sells for $30.99. Samples can be requested for $1. If you are drawn to the exotic, then don’t let this fabric pass you by!

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lynx faux fake fur animal short pile

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