Faux Fake Fur Animal Wolf Fabric

Did you know that wolves have an undercoat of soft thick fur that keeps them insulated in the cold, snowy Siberian winters? 

This fur is also used to make coats and fur clothing to keep you warm. But here’s the catch! It’s crazy expensive! Plus, it involves animal cruelty. 

Therefore, considering the high demand for wolf fur, Big Z Fabrics offers you the Faux Fake Fur Animal Wolf Fabric that looks and feels just like real wolf fur. However, this fabric is not made of just any fur; we use EcoShag fur to create the softest, plushiest, and warmest Faux Fake Fur Animal Wolf Fabric. 

Made of 80% acrylic and 20% polyester, this faux fur fabric is good enough for long fur coats, fluffy tippets, snuggly muffs, cuddly blankets, and soft winter clothing for your kids. And with its almost 60” width and 2½” pile length, you can use your creativity to make costumes, soft toys, and other fashion accessories. Plus, its warm and rustic pattern makes it ideal for rugs, cushions, and throws.

So, keep your kids and yourself warm this winter, and take your home decor up a notch with the premium Faux Fake Fur Animal Wolf Fabric! 

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May Faux Fur Restocks

MANY customers wait a long time for our restocks so here’s a:  RESTOCK ALERT!!  YOUR FAVORITES ARE BACK.  Yup! You read that right! The products