Feathery Faux Fur for a Bird-Inspired Look!

Do you love the way feathers look? Would you like to incorporate that soft, fluttery, delicate look into your next project? Then Faux Fake Fur Feathered Bird Long Pile Fabric is for you! This fabric takes a bird feather pattern, shades of brown and black with a rippled, downy look, and combines it with warm faux fur. The result is a realistic look that reminds of forest birds and feather boas, all in an easy to work with form. This fabric would be stunning as a scarf or flowing vest. You could also use it decoratively in your home to create one-of-a-kind throw blankets, pillows, or even wall hangings. A dress made of this bird-inspired fabric would make for a beautifully memorable event as well.

Faux Fake Fur Feathered Bird Long Pile Fabric has a width of 62 inches and does not stretch. The pile is 2 inches long, a good medium length ideal for many projects. It is available for $33.99 per yard, and as always you can request a $1 sample to see this fabric up close. This fabric is sure to do your next project justice.

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