Finding The Right Cutting Shears For Faux Leather Fabric

cutting shears

Cutting and trimming are essential skills for crafting,  sewing, and other fabric projects. Faux Leather Vinyls and other  tricky textured fabrics like faux fur or minky fabric have hard and thick surfaces. 

So, how do you get the perfect clean-cut edges? 

Answer: Cutting shears. 

Continue reading this article to learn more about cutting shears for faux leather and how to find the right one! 

Cutting Faux Leather (Vinyl Fabric)

Working with  vinyl is not like working with other fabrics like polyester or cotton. Cutting  vinyl fabric is quite tricky as it can be thick and usually pulls as you cut it. You have to make sure that all the cuts are done right and neatly, as any minor mistakes will affect the overall look of your project.

So, never use the regular household scissors to cut vinyl. Get good quality cutting shears for fabric. They will give you smooth, neat, and precise cuts.  

Types of Cutting Tools for Faux Leather

You can find different types of cutting shears for fabric. Let’s look at some of the most important ones for cutting leather or faux fur. 

Crafters and hobbyists can choose from an array of types, including:  

Exacto Knife

These knives have a number 24 blade which is short and sharp. It easily cuts through the backing of faux fur, faux leather and other fabrics. 

Heavy Duty Point Fabric Scissors 

Cutting faux leather requires more heavy-duty scissors than standard craft scissors. The stronger your fabric is, the sharper blades you will need. Make sure to keep them sharp! 

Left-Handed Scissors 

Lefties should look for sewing shears that are designed for left-handed people. Such scissors have reversed blades that allow you to use the scissors comfortably. 

What Are Leather Cutting Shears?

Unlike regular craft scissors, leather cutting shears are stronger and more durable. They are designed to cut through leather sharply without leaving any uneven cuts or rough edges. 

The proper cutting shears vary from one person to another, depending on your skill level and purpose. It also depends on your project. For example, what you are making and the type of fabric you will use.

Where to Buy Cutting Shears? 

The internet is the best resource for finding anything. There are multiple online stores where you can buy cutting shears. For example, Amazon has a wide range of cutting shears from different sellers on the site. You can find the right cutting shears based on your preferences and requirements.

One of the best-selling cutting shears on amazon is One Square Tailors Scissors. It is an 8-inch professional heavy-duty scissor with high carbon steel shears, delivering industrial strength. It is a long-lasting and high-quality tool that gives you laser-sharp precision. The ergonomic comfort grip helps you cut through multiple layers of heavy-duty fabric like faux leather, Vinyl, or Denim without tiring your hand. 

How To Maintain Your Cutting Shear? 

Dull scissors are ineffective and don’t cut the fabric neatly. So, if you don’t want to ruin your piece of fabric over scissors that aren’t sharp, keep your cutting shears in the best shape possible. It’s important to note that you keep the scissors clean, oiled, and sharpened where needed. 

With a bit of maintenance, you can protect your cutting shears from getting dull and ensure smooth performance for a long time. Here are a few easy tips for maintaining your cutting shears and keeping them working as well as new for as long as possible!

  • Do not use non-fabric items: Use your cutting shears exclusively on heavy-duty fabric, so the blades refrain from dulling when cutting things like paper, hair, or other non-fabric materials.
  • Wipe the blades: Keep the blades clean by wiping the cutting shears with a soft, dry cloth. Moreover, when not in use, keep the scissors in a protective cover to avoid dust. 
  • Lubricate the blades: Lubricating the blades with some oil also helps maintain the sharpness and prevent rusting. It also reduces friction and gives clean-cut edges. 
  • Keep them sharp: Get your cutting shears serviced and sharpened regularly by a professional. Many heavy-duty fabric cutting scissors also come with a manufacturer warranty.
  • Keep them safe: Avoid dropping your cutting shears as they can damage and misalign the blades. In case of any damage, get them repaired before cutting any fabrics. 


Heavy-duty cutting shears are an essential crafting tool that comes in very handy if you work with tricky fabrics like faux leather, vinyl, or denim. They allow you to cut through strong thick fabrics smoothly without dealing with any unnecessary strife. So, get the scissors for your next project.

With so many options available, finding the right pair of cutting shears can be a daunting task. Just remember to choose good quality cutting shears that fit your project’s needs and preferences. And, if you want them to work efficiently for long, follow the maintenance tips mentioned above! 


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