Furry Bedspreads Galore!

Raven Bird Shaggy Faux Fur Fabric is fluffy, features 2″ pile, and comes in four awesome colors. It is designed with an intriguing wave pattern, creating a ripple effect. Because of its warmth and versatile color options, this fabric would make a great accent material for bedspreads. You could create a fringe along the top or bottom, or make a striped pattern using a second cloth. The result will be a bedspread that goes above and beyond the expected.

You can choose from Heather Rose, Smokey Pearl, Fog, and Aqua Glaze. Each option creates a different atmosphere depending on your needs. Smokey Pearl gives a more mature look while Heather Rose and Aqua Glaze are bright, fun options. This fabric is 80% acrylic and 20% polyester and comes in a width of 58-60 inches. It is available for $30.99 per yard. You can also order a $1 sample to try this fabric out. Bring some color into your bedspreads!

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raven bird faux fur

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