How To Clean Faux Fur…

How To Clean Faux Fur
How To Clean Faux Fur
How To Clean Faux Fur

You’ve made the choice to go with faux fur instead of real; it’s a gentler fashion choice, for both the animals of this world, and your bank account. But in order to make that savings worth it, you have got to know how to take care of that gorgeous new faux fur you’re rocking.
Always check the labels on your clothing first. They will have specific washing instructions that must be followed in order to keep your faux fur wearables looking fresh and new as long as possible.
Whether the tag was snipped off, or was written in a foreign language, or you’ve decided to craft your own fabulous faux fur item, we’ve got the how-to on cleaning your faux fur to keep it looking fierce and on point.

Let’s go over machine washing first.

Always turn your garment inside out! This will ease the wear and tear on the faux fur from the get go. You will lose fewer fibers and lessen the chances of snagging or pulling on the fibers during the wash cycle.

Fake Fur Care
Fake Fur Care

Speaking of the wash cycle, you should also be sure to use the gentlest option your washing machine has to offer. The less shaking, twisting, agitation, the better for your faux fur. Selecting cold water for the wash is also absolutely necessary! Water won’t do any horrible damage, but heat most certainly will! It can cause the fibers to mat together or ruin their structure.

As well as using the gentlest wash cycle, we recommend using an equally gentle laundry detergent. One that’s specifically made for hand washing is preferable, despite the fact that you are using a washing machine. This will still work wonders, while also helping to keep the fibers of your faux fur safe from excess chemical wear and tear.

In order to keep the fibers of your garment looking fluffed and realistic, you are going to need to use fabric softener as well. Make sure to add this to your wash cycle!

As far as drying goes, forget using your machine dryer! That is a no go, no if’s, and’s, or but’s about it. Like we said before, heat will definitely do your faux fur some serious damage; you will find mats, clumps, frizzy fibers–nothing good as far as the eye can see. So air drying is the one and only way to go. Hang the garment from a hanger or lay it flat to maintain the integrity of the item’s shape.

Now, on to hand washing!

If you have enough time, this will lengthen the life of your garment. It’s the most gentle option overall.

Just like the machine washing method, you are going to want to stick with that cool water. When it comes to faux fur, cool is always the path you want to take with it’s maintenance.

As opposed to dunking the entire item in the cold water, think of hand washing as spot cleaning. You are going to wash only the areas that exclusively need it. This will avoid wear and tear where it’s unnecessary.

Arctic Fake Fur Fabric White
Arctic Fake Fur Fabric White

Use same detergent recommended above; one that is gentle and made for hand washing. Work the detergent through with your fingers, being sure to avoid any excessive rubbing or scrubbing. This could cause your faux fur to end up frizzy and worn out.

Run cold water over the faux fur once you’re done spot cleaning, making sure all suds are gone before you air dry your garment using the method described after machine washing.

Make sure that you fluff your faux fur up a bit using a wide toothed comb. As with everything else in this tutorial, make sure you’re gentle!

Once the faux fur has dried completely, comb through it to keep it untangled and pristine. Make sure you go with the grain of the fake fur! Smooth it over with your hand, and you’re done! Your faux fur will last for ages and look like you bought it yesterday, every day.

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