Incredibly Realistic Faux Fur for your Next Project!

Do you love the look of fur but want an environmentally-friendly option? Do you like the look of exotic fur? Are you hoping to create a winter coat or a vest using fur-like fabric? Then you’ll want to take a look at Faux Fake Fur Animal Long Pile Fabric. This fabric comes in both realistic animal options and in fun color combinations, depending on your needs. Options include Lab Husky, Peacock, Polar Bear, Blonde Cheetah, Forest Deer, and Lynx Cat. You can also choose Rottweiler or Palm Civet if that better fits your needs. All are excitingly realistic looking.

For a more colorful look, we also offer Midnight Cinder Block which features blues and greens, or Night Dream which centers around reds and oranges. Fur length varies to best match the real-life animal. This fabric comes in a width of 60 inches and prices vary depending on the design, from $22.49 to $35.99 per yard. If you have been hoping to find realistic, high-quality faux fur don’t let this chance pass you by!

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faux fake fur animal long

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