Let out your Inner Halloween Monster with this Fabric!

Monster Faux Fake Fur Fabric flaunts a soft and fluffy design with a noteworthy 4″ pile length. This fabric is the fur look-alike you’ve been looking for! We think you’ll be especially impressed with the natural way the fur flows, which you’ll notice if you just stroke across it. You’ll be able to smooth or ruffle it as the fabric is soft and supple without being stretchy. You can choose from four colors depending on your project. White would make for a wonderfully cuddly but modern throw blanket, while Black or Black Frost would look great as fashionable but warm boot trim. Black Blood is the perfect option for a creepy Halloween look (we suggest werewolf).

This fabric contains 80% acrylic and 20% polyester. It has a width of 58-60 inches. The fabric is durable and easy to care for, available at $28.99 a yard. We invite you to order a $1 sample of Monster Faux Fake Fur Fabric if you’re not ready to commit just yet. Let your wild side out with this fabric! It will match your mood, whether you’re feeling cuddly or want to let your inner Halloween monster out to play!

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monster faux fur fabric


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