May Faux Fur Restocks


MANY customers wait a long time for our restocks so here’s a: 



Yup! You read that right! The products you have been eagerly waiting for are back in stock. 

We had a container come in and we just want to make a reminder of the fact these are back in stock.  

Twitter Post:

Quantities may be limited and the fabrics could sell out again so act fast to get yours today before the stock runs out. 

You asked us to remind you when your favorite colors from Solid Shaggy Long Pile and Frozen Shag Long Pile would be back and today’s your lucky day. Checkout the hot sellers from the restocked Faux Fur collection as well as some other customer favorites:

Frozen Shag Long Pile

Aqua Frozen Shag Long Pile Fabric 

Solid Shaggy Long Pile

Turquoise Solid Shaggy Long Pile Fabric

Golden Yellow Solid Shaggy Long Pile Fabric 

Bubble Gum Solid Shaggy Long Pile Fabric

Rust Solid Shaggy Long Pile Fabric

Sunshine Solid Shaggy Long Pile Fabric

Blizzard Wolf Animal Long Pile Fabric

Candy Shag 

Candy Shag Faux Fur Fabric

These are ready to be ordered and processed today. 


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