Spice Up Your Throw Pillows!

Tired of looking at your worn out, conventional throw pillows? Are you looking for a way to spice things up but haven’t found a fabric that inspires you? This Monster Faux Fake Fur Fabric will exceed your expectations when it comes to creating the most intriguing throw pillows you’ve ever owned. Choose from 5 colors depending on the boldness of your taste and get to work! Try Black Blood for a truly entertaining look or go with Amber Frost for a honeyed hue. Black will make a more modern, sleek, shiny pillow.

You can easily create your throw pillow simply by sewing two equally sized pieces on top of each other along three sides. Then flip right side out and iron the crease at the opening. Insert an existing throw pillow, a pillow you’ve made for this purpose, or add filling. Hand sew the hole using an invisible stitch, achieved by sewing straight across from the previous stitch, hiding the thread.

Monster Faux Fake Fur Fabric is 58-60” wide and features 4” pile. You can purchase it for $28.99 per yard. Request a $1 sample if you’d like to view this fluffy fabric in person first.

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multi color fur throw pillows

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