Survey 2022: What Do People Look For When Shopping Online For Fabric?

Nowadays, inspiration and innovation in online retail are now a must. Customer feedback allows you to understand what your customers want, enhancing CX and maintaining a competitive edge.

Big Z Fabric ran a customer survey on major digital platforms, including Twitter and Instagram to uncover what shoppers want and how to keep them satisfied.

The survey was conducted to find out:

What Do People Look For When Shopping Online For Fabric? 

Survey Objective 

This survey is a study of consumers’ preferences when shopping online for fabric. The survey seeks to identify online shopper needs across Big Z Fabric customers and provide a deep dive into the online consumer journey. The core focus areas of the survey are Fabric selection, pricing, shopping experience, customer service, and other relevant factors. 

We generated data for the survey by asking customers to:

“Let us know in the comments below what is most important to you when shopping for fabric online.”

The customers were given eight different options as shown in the post below:

Survey Results 

It was surprising yet interesting to see such a significant difference in the response of Instagram customers compared to Twitter users. 

  • Instagram 
count of topic - instagram responses

What we see in the diagram above is a lot of focus on fabric selection. Nearly 45.5% of respondents demanded a better fabric selection while 21.2% demanded lower shipping costs. 9.1% think fabric cost is more important than any other thing whereas 6.1% prefer quality. Pile length and fabric processing both gained 3% votes. 

Fabric Selection Is The Top Priority 

One reason why fabric selection is the most important thing is that the greater product range available online allows customers to weigh their options and choose the best one. It also prevents them from going to other online retailers in case they don’t find what they are looking for. 

Obviously, we at Big Z Fabric, aspire to offer all kinds of fabrics but a way to differ from our competitors is to be inspirational. Our strategy is to provide a wide range of options in terms of fabric type and color selection for the customers to choose from. 

  • Twitter 

We also used a Twitter post to generate survey responses. Here is the Twitter Post used for the survey: Tweet Link 

29.6% of customers on Twitter think fabric selection is the most important factor when shopping for fabric online. With 25.9% making Shipping costs a close contender here. 14.8% rely heavily on product costs while 11.1% cannot compromise on the quality of the fabric. 7.4% think multiple product images are the most important factor as it helps them better analyze the color, length, and pile structure. Finally, 3.7% believe that customer service is the most important factor for them. 

Customers Want Better Fabric Selection

Even though 20% are less in favor as compared to Instagram users, Twitter users have also shown that fabric selection is the most important thing when purchasing fabric online. The range of products makes searching online convenient. Variety in fabric types, textures, and colors helps customers find exactly what they are looking for without looking at different stores, saving customers time and effort. 

Other Responses 

Shipping Cost 

A key concern among many respondents was the shipping cost. Customers are hesitant to pay a shipping cost higher than the cost of the product. But compared to competitors, Big Z Fabric offers affordable shipping charges on all orders. 

Other Factors 

Though only a small number of respondents consider reviews, bulk buying options, and customer experience, it still shows there are customers who rely heavily on these factors when buying fabric online.


As creatures of habit, online shoppers know exactly where to search for a product. But inspiration is desired no matter where the search begins. Big Z Fabric offers a wide selection of fabric types like Faux Fur, Vinyl, Satin, Mesh, etc. The fabrics are available in different variants and colors to give as many options to the customers as possible.

Acting on these findings implies going beyond technical fixes and making changes that satisfy the customers. To conclude, Big Z Fabric believes in continuous development to keep up with shoppers’ demands. 

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