Tundra Wolf Faux Fur: Create Something Warm and Lasting!

Animal faux fake fur fabric wolf

Animal faux fake fur fabric wolfLet us introduce you to a new fur option! This fabric is authentic and beautiful, specifically designed to be long-lasting, warm and eco-friendly. Faux Fake Fur Animal Short Pile Costume Fabric in the color Baby Tundra Wolf has a pile length of 2 ½” and features a realistic combination of beige, brown, and black to create an authentic wolf fur look. It would look great as a component of a winter coat, boots, or even a purse. This type of fur is also a wonderful choice for creating warm winter vests, especially for children.


Faux Fake Fur Animal Short Pile Costume Fabric has a polyester backing while the fur component is made of acrylic. The width is 60 inches, and this fabric has no stretch. Available for $25.99, it is a cost-efficient option for that real-fur look without the cost to nature. You can also request a $1 sample to see this incredible fabric in person. Create something new and warm with this exciting with this faux fur option!



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