Warm, Bright, and Colorful!

If you’ve been looking for a great way to add some color to your home or wardrobe, you’ll be impressed with Tribal Multi Color Costume Coat Faux Fur Fabric. This fabric features 2.5″ pile and a wonderfully original, multi-colored pattern. You can choose from two black-based options which feature splashes of color outlined by a black background that makes the colors pop dramatically. The blue or pink multi-color options feature bright combinations of color with a blue or pink base, creating a bit of separation in between the differently-colored splotches to bring them out. Giraffe is a subtler, 1″ pile option, featuring dusky shades of brown, purple, and pink on white.

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faux fur fabric short pile



This fabric would make an uplifting rug, bringing a bright spot of color to any room. It would be especially fun in a child’s room, or one that is lacking in color. Or you can create throw blankets or coats out of this fabric, as it is warm and comfortable. This fabric has a width of 60 inches and is available for $29.99 a yard. You can ask for a $1 sample if you would like. Let this fabric brighten up those dreary winter days!

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