Warmest Wolf In The Frontier

Two inches thick and sixty inches across, this handsome two-tone faux wolf fur sells for $35.99 a yard. Although perhaps pricey for smaller budgets, the warmth it provides cannot be matched by real furs, nor can they surpass it in ease of care and durability, shedding and stretching in odd ways. This synthetic coat doesn’t stretch at all and sheds very little, making it ideal for fur coats and clothing, whether you need it for a costume or for your every-day wear.

Of course, wearing it may not appeal to everyone, but who doesn’t love to snuggle down into fur during the winter? You can make this into a bedspread with matching blankets and pillows. If you want to show it off in the living room, you can make a cover for a couch or hoop chair and pull a matching throw over yourself.

If you’re building a rustic setup? Back it with a more sturdy material for a rug, or use it to upholstery your in-home bar. Affix terrycloth to the inside and really old-school your bathroom towels. Think big, think like a frontiersman, and you’re unlikely to run out of ideas for every last inch of this.

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Warmest Wolf In The Frontier

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